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Red Line Extension: Altgeld Gardens

It might take 8- 10 years for the CTA to extend the Red Line to 130th, however, we hope to have it completed in 6 years. The CTA is only in phase two of the seven possibles phases of this project. The CTA is currently waiting for federal approval of this project, as well as federal funds. However, these funds will only cover 80% of the entire $1.1 billion cost, so we must ask our state legislators  for the remaining 20% for this project.

The new project would reduce commuting times for South Side residents. With the new extension, it will take 39 minutes to get to downtown Chicago compared to the current travel time of an hour and a half. The project will also decrease the congestion at the 95th Street terminal and on the Bishop Ford Freeway, which is 20% busier than it would be if people could take public transportation.

The Red Line extension will use the railroad structures already available to go south to 130th, running alongside the Union Pacific Freight Railroad. It will extend from 95th Street stopping at 103rd, 111th, 119th, and at 130th and Doty by Carver Military Academy. Details about the project can be viewed at this link.

— Nakeba Johnson and Alisha Jacobs

Map of the Red Line Extension

Map of the Red Line Extension



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